Automated Rental Application and Screening Tools

PolyRents simplifies housing applications for tenants and provides landlords with the data they need to make intelligent screening decisions.

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How it Works

List your Property

List your property with PolyRents to instantly tap into our database of qualified, rent-ready applicants. No more waiting days for responses on craigslist.

Screen Applicants

Get the full picture with PolyRents. From credit reports to background checks to noise violation data, we've got your back. Tenants apply with their groups to your listing digitally, so there's no more paperwork hassle.

Choose the Best

PolyRents provides you with all the information you need in order to move forward with the right people. With PolyRents, you save time by only interviewing and showing properties to applicants you know are qualified.

What People Are Saying

Steven Sola

"PolyRents has allowed me more time to dedicate to building my business. I have more time to pursue new clients and build my residential real estate side out. Most importantly, it has alleviated the pain in the ass that is following up with previous managers/personal references, etc."

Steven Sola
Property Owner, San Luis Obispo

Daniel Hornett

"PolyRents makes it easy to apply to any new housing opportunity. Instead of filling out a bunch of different applications, I only had to put in my information once and Polyrents connected me with several options. It saved me a headache and a good chunk of change"

Daniel Hornett
Tenant, San Luis Obispo